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Impact Of Corona Virus On Education System

In the vision of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, 2020 was the year in which he thought our country will take a major step from developing to a developed country but unfortunately, 2020 came along with devastating loss in the economy in mostly two main sectors that are Health and Education.

2020, the year of traumatization, which is surely going to be remembered by everyone for the rest of their lives. 2020 came with the outbreak of a virus called, Corona Virus, capable of transferring from one to another human being. So the Government had to announce lockdown in the whole country, in which we all have failed very stupidly due to various reasons. Lockdown had announced when the number of all cases was around 700-800 but after lockdown, 21000 cases per day have been suspected. This has affected the health and education system very badly. All schools, colleges, and institutes are closed till now. And the pressure on every hospital is increasing day by day.

If we mainly talk about the harsh reality of education then, every educational institute is close nationwide.  Many exams have been cancelled or delayed. Approx 280 million students have affected due to this lockdown. We all can see the hike in private school fees. Yes, some schools have indeed started taking online classes which are no doubt the best possible step at this time but in some places schools have completely stopped working and universities have also shifted towards online teaching. That student who has the facility of the internet can take the benefit but what about those who do not have the internet facility. And on the other hand for online classes, teachers need to be paid for their work so schools are asking for fees from parents. Due to COVID parents are not able to pay fees. While at some places teachers have lost their job because low budget private schools( basically which are in rural areas) are not capable of paying their salaries. Teachers have to find some alternatives for their earnings. COVID 19 is not even affecting students but parents and schools also. This is creating financial constraints. Giving education to every citizen is the first step toward a developed country. So the Government has to start thinking about the solution to this problem.  The government can help private schools so to solve the problem at both ends until the situation can not be controlled. For this, people have to put pressure on the government so that this issue will not become a long term problem for anyone. 

 Now by long term problem mean education in post-COVID will be affected so badly if attention is not given on this very important issue. No one can predict at this time that when students can go to schools. So this year has declared as  "Zero Academic Year". COVID has created a situation of digital divide which means that students without any device or internet connectivity are not getting benefits. So after this post COVID situation, there will be several students who will not be going to join schools again because some of them are pushed towards earning money(some of the cases of rural areas). 

But if the Government starts some measures to provides digital connectivity to the remote areas and also helps schools and teachers then online education can be a great step. People should be given awareness about the benefits of online education and should be encouraged. So everyone can take advantage of online education because if this pandemic becomes endemic, so we all have to be prepared for that in advance. Education is the first step to build a sophisticated Nation and through this, we can make a new digital India.



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