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Boycott China: possible or not???

China and India, the two neighbouring countries, can ever resolve their border disputes??

Many times both countries had tried to resolve their dispute from 1950 till now. The first time the two countries have been in high-level talks since 1950 to establish diplomatic relations. And from 1950 to till now, India and China have agreed to many peaceful agreements between them.
  •  1955      - Both countries agreed to five principles of peaceful coexistence.
  •  1962-74 - both countries have established bilateral relation to solving the issue of the border.
  •  1988-90 -  both countries agreed to form a task force for the solution.
  •  1993       - Indian Prime Minister, Narasimha Rao signed on the agreement of peace along LAC.
  And after all these, many more agreements are signed till now. And in 2020, all the agreements meant nothing, when a standoff happened between Indian and Chinese army. So this is very important for the Indian Government to understand the state of affairs. And it becomes more important for the people of India to stop financing China indirectly so that they cannot use our money to fail our soldiers at the border. That's why the move # Boycott China is very important.

The trade between China and India is imbalanced, the 70 billion dollars goods were imported in India and the goods exported to China from India is 1/5th of the Chinese goods. China is the largest exporter to India.
 Mostly 60-70% of electronic items in India are of Chinese companies and even not electronics but 60-70% medicines are also Chinese. These type of necessities have to be replaced with any other country. Indian Government should take some measures, towards making India a manufacturing hub. Indian companies will sell that product which stays in high demand, so firstly the demand, for Made in China products, should be reduced. We all can imagine the difficult picture of boycotting Chinese products. This shows a complete boycott of Chinese products, in India, will result in great economic loss. Boycott China is a very difficult step for India.

So, Mr Sonam Wangchuk (Founder Director of students' educational and cultural of Ladakh) came with the solution and said software in a week and hardware in a year, which means we all have to find alternatives to the goods that are our necessary and have to replace it with other countries. We have to become independent of Chinese product for our necessity. The first and easiest step is to stop the usage of Chinese apps. But the government has to motivate people for this which they already have by banning 59 Chinese apps in the past few days. By taking gradual steps we all can make it possible. And every individual should take every possible step to say no to the Chinese product. 


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