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How Environment Has Been Affected By The Lockdown

How Environment Has Been Affected By The  Lockdown 

# Lockdown in India 

COVID-19, a health crisis that is affecting the human world very terribly. But at the same time, it has a very positive effect on Mother Earth. Before the COVID-19, the condition of Earth can be seen as deplorable. And the only reason for this condition is anthropogenic activity(man-made activities). As a result of these activities, we can see the number of disasters only in 2020 such as Australian bush fire, Indonesian floods, Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, Locust attacks, Cyclone Amphan, Forest fire in Uttarakhand and many more. Earth has suffered a lot and is suffering until now.

earth during lockdown

The lockdown has carried untold troubles to millions, however, it is cheering to take note of the positives from the extended shutdown. And after imposing lockdown the most positive effect has been seen on the environment. There has been an imperative decrease in air contamination levels as vehicular traffic is low, development and modern exercises have been closed.  Air quality gets better, water sources get cleaner, less pollution, less noise, and also it has a positive effect on wildlife. It can be clearly seen that Mother Earth is healing itself. 

Some of  the major causes of pollution 

The reasons for the deteriorating earth conditions are not simply constrained to petroleum burning and greenhouse-gases emissions. There are numerous different sorts of pollutants including compound contamination into water sources and soil through disposal activity and rural exercises, and by urban areas and urbanization noise pollution is on its extreme.

Earth during lockdown

A complete cessation of transportation, Industries and trading activities during the lockdown in India has shown some of the positive results on environmental pollution.

Air Quality 

Transportation contributes around 70% of environmental pollution. In transportation, a significant amount of energy is used which burns petroleum, and the burning of petroleum causes pollution. And it is the cause of 27% emission greenhouse gases.  

  • As transportation has completely shut down, the straight forward effect can be seen on the air quality which is clearer now. 
  • People were sharing photos of Dholadhar range mountains from the different areas of Punjab saying that this view has been seen after so many years. 
  • According to a study, the value PM 2.5( it is known as Particulate Matter which is a pollutant that is harmful to humans and has a size of 2.5 micrometres) reduces to 35 μg/mfrom the level of 45μg/m3. With no human interference, wild animals were viewed on the streets.

Earth during lockdown

Water Sources

In nations around the World, 70% of their strong waste is dumped legitimately into the sea or ocean. This causes major issues including the hurting the life of ocean animals, which after consuming by humans going to affect their lives.
  • Due to the cessation of industries, no harmful chemicals are disposed into water sources.
  • No boats are running so water is getting clearer and clearer.
  • With no human interference near water sources, there are possible reasons to increase in the Fish biomass.
  •  According to BD Joshi(Environmental Scientist), the water of Ganga at Rishikesh and Haridwar is getting very clean which we could not achieve even after years of efforts.

 Reduction In The Seismic Noise

Due to moving vehicles and industrial machinery, the noise level is increased so much that its affecting human health and quality of life. Noise pollution is affecting people's sleep routine which causes tiredness and ultimately depression

  • During the lockdown, a decrease of great extent can be seen in the magnitude of noise levels due to vehicles and machinery.
  •  And due to this reduction in noise geoscientist have found that seismic noise is reduced that detectors can easily spot the smaller earthquakes.
  • As earthquakes move the earth's crust so do the vibration of vehicles and machinery. So during the lockdown, there were very less number of vibration noted, which became the task easy.

 Perhaps during the lockdown, this unintended analysis could be utilized to see better guidelines towards nature Earth. It is some positive news among an exceptionally grievous circumstance. Nevertheless, it seems that this happiness is maybe just for a while because when the situation is getting better the Earth will suffer just like before. After all, people will be going to do the same work as they were doing before.

Environmental pollution should be significantly eliminated to a level where it does not become harmful. Otherwise, it is devastating the earth we live in, defiling our food and water, causing illnesses and malignant growths in people and untamed life, and crushing the air we inhale and the climate that shields us from destructive radiations.

To prevent the earth is a long and overwhelming effort which is requiring consistent plans, GOVT. rules, arrangements, and open & modern interest. However, the consequences are in front of everyone's eye and the responsibility of every individual.

But the big question is, what if humans never think about the situation of the Mother Earth????? 

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